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Please consider getting your mortgage in Wichita. Even if the paper is sold eventually to another lender, we find that getting eye contact with your lender prior to the closing is sometimes very helpful in getting all paperwork completed in a timely manner. We have past experience with each of these lenders and know them to be conscientious in communicating with buyers and sellers through the process. We have also had some exceptionally bad service from loan providers that have been found through the internet or that simply do not do business in Wichita Kansas on a regular basis. Each city processes loans a little differently.

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Contact Cindy Carnahan to take a look at the homes available in the marketplace or let our virtual assistant keep you advised by filling out the form at “ HomeWatch .” Our virtual assistant will let you know when a home comes on the market that fits your criteria. Then we will take you out to see the best homes that are available in the marketplace today.